Booking Policy

Book a spot at Comedy Bubble!


We have the following spots available:

1 paid Opener (20 minutes)

3 paid Middles (10 minutes each)

1 paid Headliner (25 minutes)


Like many comedy nights, we have an ethos we expect our Acts to stick to. It's the usual requirements which most of our comedy friends live by anyway, but here's a reminder:


  • No racism, sexism or any kicking down. Kick up! That's what the Establishment is there for!

  • No misogynistic language (especially the c word).

  • Swearing - if you have to, that's ok, within reason (although see above). Please use it sparingly though - much more effective.

  • No rape, paedo etc jokes. We're all tired of them. 

  • Stick to your allocated time spots!


So if you want a spot, email us here. Please include a clip if we haven't seen you, state what time spot you'd like and the dates you'd like to be considered for. It would be a great help if you could like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. 


Looking forward to hearing from you!